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Dryer Is Not Starting. What do I do?

A dryer is an appliance that uses fairly simple components to dry your clothes.  Everything boils down to using heated air to circulate through the wet clothes and dispelling moisture through vent tubing to the outside of your home.  Inefficiencies in this system should always be repaired before they become larger issues.

Dryer not starting at all

·         If you just moved or got a new dryer, make sure the cord is plugged in and the breaker is on and not tripped.

·         If you have a gas dryer, make sure the gas shutoff valve is on

·         Door switch.  A broken door switch will prevent the dryer from starting at all.  The best way to check the door switch is to unplug the dryer, press the door switch, and check for continuity with a multimeter

·         Thermal fuse.  Dryers have various thermal fuses.  The fuse that is located on the blower housing will prevent the dryer from coming on if it is blown.  This is a one time use fuse and will have to be changed to fix the dryer.  You will also need to determine why the fuse was blown to prevent it from happening again.  The most common reason is a clogged vent, but other reasons could be a shorted heating element or bad operating thermostat/thermistor.

·         Broken belt.  When the belt breaks, the idler pulley will fall and engage the belt switch.  This switch is there to prevent the motor from starting when the belt is broken. 

·         Burned up power cord/terminal block.  A burned-up power cord is a common occurrence if the cord was installed too loose.  A loose connection builds up heat, and will eventually burn up.  Unplug the dryer and check the terminal block to make sure that everything is attached securely.

·         Timer/control board.  Depending on what type of dryer you have, a shorted timer or control board can prevent the dryer from starting at all.  You will have to refer to your specific wiring schematic to determine the best way to test these components.


To get the most out of your dryer, it is important to pay attention to early signs that your dryer isn’t working properly.  Long dry times is the biggest indicator that you need to clean the vent.  Unusual noises usually mean something is starting to fail and should be addressed before it turns into a bigger issue. 


If you need your dryer repaired or inspected, you can always call or request on appointment online!

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