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Whirlpool French Door Freezer Icing Up

What to do when it looks like it snowed in the freezer

It doesn’t matter what kind of refrigerator or freezer you have, every brand operates on the same principles.  When you see snow looking ice (called rime ice) in the freezer, then somehow warm air is seeping into the compartment.   The most common explanations are: 

On this specific call, the customer had recently had her freezer door gasket changed by another company.  What they forgot to do was use a heat gun to mold the new gasket to the door.  Because they forgot to do this, there was a 1/2 inch gap at the bottom letting warm air in at all times.  

Eventually, so much ice had built up it was preventing the door from closing all the way, further worsening the issue.  

Case Study
Brand: Whirlpool French Door 
Model:  WRF992FIFE00
Complaint: Snow type ice building up in freezer
Initial thoughts: Something is blocking the door from closing or gasket is torn
Repairs done: Gasket installed by prior company, was not molded with heat gun to door.  After heating gasket / making adjustments / melting all the ice, issue was solved.  Refrigerator gasket part # W10884296 
Example of frost buildup caused by a door gasket that was not properly sealed

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